Water Institute, dated February 26, 2010 publication in the Official Gazette No. 27 505, Suleyman Demirel University Administration of the Ministry of Education depending on the addition of the Law No. 2809 dated 28/03/1983 in accordance with Article 30, the Council of Ministers 1 / 2/2010 was founded on. 


Rationale for Establishment

        Water resources become more and more important in the world who come to the fore at the national and international arenas as well. Population growth, pollution of water resources use and unplanned, with the effect of climate change and global warming, availability and sustainability of water resources available in a limited amount of properties tends to decrease.

        According to data from the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works in 2010, our country is entering the water potential of 501 billion cubic meters of rainfall, groundwater extraction to 14 billion m³.With this, 274 billion cubic meters of evaporation third of 69 billion cubic meters of the atmosphere and the aquifer as seepage thirds returns to the underworld. In conclusion, the last part of the flow of 158 billion cubic meters of surface, some 7 billion cubic meters from neighboring countries, and as spring water supply from groundwater, rivers, or 28 billion cubic meters of part of the 'species. A total water resource potential of our country as a net of 112 billion m³.

        According to 2005 data in our country with annual per capita 1528 m³ with the amount of water is not a water rich country, contrary to assumption. If necessary precautions are taken in the near future of our country is inevitable confrontation with the problems of water pollution and the potential for clean water. Protection of existing water sources, and taking preventive measures and the potential of Turkey's water resources for sustainable watershed management should be determined very well.

        Knowledge of existing water resources, of course not enough to overcome the water problems.Basin level water resources planning and management in line with these changes and of changes occurring in the world in recent years in our country have begun to accept the policies. Thus the world is a finite resource potential of the intelligent use and conservation of fresh water under the protection and sustainable development by ensuring that the balance will be able to use.

        In this context, Turkey, Suleyman Demirel University, and first established at the Lakes Region with the Institute of Water and sufficient water for future generations to be executed in order to leave their studies and graduate projects, the development will be made towards the goal of rational definitions.

Purpose of Establishment

  1. Sustainable water resources planning, social development and make scientific studies in order to increase the welfare level,
  2. Water as a national and international level related to the laws, regulations and scientific measures to be taken in accordance with agreements to provide
  3. Multi-disciplinary graduate education in areas of their thesis, and to provide scientific research environments,
  4. National and international public (DSI; EİEİ; DMI), and private organizations to make joint efforts,
  5. National and international public (DSI; EİEİ; DMI) and private organizations for the demands of studies, project development, consultancy and expertise to provide analysis and experimental studies,
  6. Water, society, environment and economy, between the professional and understandable, consensual, create links.
  7. Science, engineering, management and related water management methodologies to support and enable the development of the foundations of law.