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TUBITAK KAMAG-1007 Project

Project Name:  Development of Methodology for Determination of Environmental Objectives for the Surface, Coastal and Transitional Waters: Büyük Menderes Basin Pilot Study

Project Number: 112G021

Coordinator: .Ass. Prof. Dr. M. Yunus PAMUKOĞLU

Project Start and End Date: 2013 / 2016


TUBITAK ARDEB-1001 Project

Project Name: The Seasonal Monitoring of Control and Formation of Nitrogenous (N-DBP) And Carbonaceous (C-DBP) Disinfection By-Products

Project Number: 113Y416

Coordinator: Ass. Prof. Dr. Ş. Şule KAPLAN BEKAROĞLU

Projecy Start and End Date: 2014 / 2016


TUBITAK ARDEB-1001 Project

Project Name: Determination Of Pollution And Monitoring Of The Hydrgeochemical Properties, Hydrogeology Of Salda Lake Wetland

Project Number: 114Y084

Coordinator: Ass. Prof. Dr. Simge VAROL

Project Start and End Date: 2014 / 2016